Our law firm’s history dates back to 1828, when Mr. M.J. Amaral Gurgel registered as one of the first law students in São Paulo’s newly-established law academy. In time, M.J. became a professor-of-law and, later, Dean of the São Paulo Law School (1858-1864). From that start, family tradition has been – with few interruptions over generations since – to serve as counsel to the community at large and, in recent decades, to international business. Now in its third century, the firm is guided by foundations of professionalism and integrity reflected in its history.

We focus on achieving efficient and professional solutions to our clients’ business needs. To that end, we seek to provide legal guidance and services to our clientele in a way that allows clients an understanding of legal issues affecting their businesses and investments from both an immediate and a long-term business perspective.

Our legal services extend over a range of business law topics and issues: corporate structures and due diligence; investment issues and approaches; banking law; real property; regulated industries and government regulations; tax (Brazilian & cross-border); general commercial matters; intellectual property and related issues; employment laws; technology; and environmental laws. As well, our firm’s litigation expertise protects and advances our clients’ commercial and related business positions in any litigation that may arise; our ‘court room’ track-record includes successful defense and furthering of client interests in regulatory and tax investigations/proceedings, as well as in sophisticated multi-faceted commercial disputes.

Our clients come from a broad range of business sectors. The roster includes domestic and foreign corporations and business interests, and also other law firms and government entities. Our firm has acted to advise or assist governmental agencies in matters of legislative drafting and creation/amendment of regulatory supplements to statutory law.

Our now-near two centuries old legal service tradition and experience in Brazil, plus our understanding of current business regulations and solid ties to local business community provide us with the tools to assist clients with pragmatic business planning. We pride ourselves in a tradition of professionalism and confidentiality, as well as practicality, in our delivery of legal counsel for the full range of business issues and objectives of our clients, whether based in Brazil or abroad.

Our principal offices are in Sao Paulo, at Rua Leopoldo Couto Magalhães Jr. 110. Telephone +55 11 3706 6860; first contact emailing: jkoffice@amaralgurgel.com

If you are thinking of the Brazilian market or business opportunities, or have business plans involving any of the Mercosur, Brazilian domestic, or other foreign markets, give us a call. We can provide you with counsel and planning support, whether basic or complex, in your business endeavours. We’d be most pleased to become a trusted part of your business team.